Constantly losing teething rings? Keep dropping that "giraffe" on the floor? That was my world until I started making teething necklaces.

Wearing a teething necklace means you have one less thing to worry about. Pop it on in the morning and not only does it jazz up your outfit but it also means that wherever you go you have something to keep your baby occupied.

Because it's attached to you there is no risk of it falling on the dirty floor and to clean it simply give it a wipe or steam (steriliser) the same way you would with any teething product.

I started making teething necklaces in October 2015 and they've been really well received, I'm delighted that others are pleased with them too.

The best part is that poor teething bubbas get to have a comforting cuddle and a soothing chew at the same time, good times!


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